BMC Wood Vinegar Organic Soil Fertilizer / Pesticide/ Herbicide

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Packaging: 1L Bottle
MOQ: 0.26gal or 1L/bottle
Place of Origin: Malaysia
State: Liquid

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: BMC wood vinegar is a concentrated wood vinegar produced from Biomass Microwave Carbonizer (BMC) which adopts innovative clean technology using microwave pyrolysis method. Our technology won the Best Innovation in Sustainability at Europa Awards for Sustainability 2018 certified by EUMCCI. This product is specially formulated by experts from University Putra Malaysia. It is 100% organic pure liquid that act as 5 in 1 product, which is able to boost germination and plant growth, insecticide, fungicide, pesticide and deodorizer for animal farms. BENEFITS/ADVANTAGES: -Multi-purpose applications -As a natural plant-derived pesticide -As a herbicide on various plant -Plant germination/growth enhancer -Deodorizer for animal farms -Made in Malaysia -1 bottle contains 1 L concentrated wood vinegar – save your cost! -Sustainable raw material (Coconut Husk, Palm Biomass, Bamboo) -Suitable for indoor gardening, outdoor farming and animal farms. HOW TO USE: Use dilution ratio between 1:300 and 1:1000. Example: 1ml wood vinegar with 300ml water). Please try different ratios depends on applications for first time use. Spray the diluted wood vinegar on plants (3 – 5 sprays) every 1- 2 weeks depending on the applications. Notice: This wood vinegar is only for EXTERNAL USE. Store in cool place, avoid direct sunlight. No shelf life as long as keep it seal and place in the dry area.
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