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Product Description Phillips HeartStart MRx Defibrillator AED PDF: philips-heartstart-mrx-with-q-cpr-product-information-sheet Here at the Dr’s Toy Store we bring you a great addition to AED & defibrillation, Philips Heart Start MRx Defibrillator. This HeartStart MRx AED is a lightweight and portable monitor and defibrillator. It provides four modes of operation such as Monitor, Manual Defib, AED, and Pacer [Optional]. It also offers a long battery life with quick charging defibrillator and with start of the art technologies it is sure to please all users. In monitor mode you can monitor up to four ECG waveforms. Alarms are available to alert you to changes in the patient’s condition. You can also display a Vital Signs Trending Report to view all key parameters and their measurements over time, at a glance. Built tough, reliable and ready for action For whatever you face in a day, the HeartStart MRx is built to be tough and ready for action. The HeartStart MRx is designed to meet stringent test requirements including spraying water, military helicopter vibration, mechanical shock, one-meter drop, electro-magnetic compatibility, and extreme environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and altitude). In addition, the same MRx model that we ship to all EMS customers has passed an extensive battery of tests, performed by the US military, to achieve aeromedical air- worthiness certification. These military-level tests include: baseline performance and durability, electrical safety, vibration, electro-magnetic compatibility, climate, altitude, rapid decompression, explosive atmosphere, acceleration, and in-flight performance evaluations.

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