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Specifications Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester Application scope of Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester : suitable for the wear-resistance and grinding test under certain pressure of woven and wool-blend fabrics, knitted goods and non-woven fabric Technical Parameters: Work-station number : 8 Pcs Counter display : Pre-set counter display:0-999999 Cumulative counter display:0-999999 Motion speed : A:23.8rpm±2.5rpm B:47.5±2.5rpm C:71.3±2.5rpm Abrading table diameter : φ120 Test pressure(abrasion test) A: cloth specimen clamp:155g±1g B: textile specimen hammer:395g±2g(equal to 9kpa) C: furniture deck specimen hammer:594g±2g(equal to 12kpa) Pressure test (pilling test) A: cloth specimen clamp:155g±1g B: textile specimen hammer:260g±1g Weight of Load hammer: 2385g±10g Weight : 168kg Voltage supply:220V, 50HZ External dimension: 820mm×605mm×365mm

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