RUMILENS Color Silicone hydrogel contact Lens

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Brand Name: Color Silicone hydrogel contact Lens
Model Number: Color Silicone hydrogel contact Lens
MOQ: 1000

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• Uniform quality from Cast molding method of production
MagicCon lens made of hydrophilic material is soft and flexible. It boasts of 45% of the
high water content and high oxygen permeability of 12DK.

• Clear refracting power and good wetting force
Our lens boasts of clear refractive power due to its high water absorption function and
excellent optical properties. In addition, it has good tears wetting force with moisturing

• FDA approved cosmetic pigments
Ours provides superior pigment stability by inserting cosmetic pigment into the
material of lens which was approved by FDA, satisfies the customer's requirments
with a variety of designs and pigment tone.

MagicCon's has excellent shape stability so that the beginners of lens wearers can be easily adapted to the lens, and provides enhanced stability by minimizing irritation to the corneal surface and the eyelids due to the thin and finely treatment of edges.


- Vertex refractive power : 0.00 ~ -10.00(0.00~-5.00:0.25stpe/-5.00~-10.00:0.50step)

- Water content(%) : 45%

- Visible ray transmissivity(%) : 95%

- Oxygen permeability(×10⁻¹¹(cm²/s) [(mL Oâ‚‚/(mL·mmHg)]) : 12 ± 20

- DIA : 14.2mm

- B.C : 8.6mm

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