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We are manufacturing and Supplying company, with our worldwide network, we can guarantee, supply of our top class refined cooking oil, across America , Africa , Europe and Asia..... Types of oil available: - Corn oil - Sunflower oil - Soybean oil - Canola oil - Cotton seed oil - Peanut oil - Olive oil - Balsamic Vinegar - Coconut oil - Sesame oil - Almond oil - Avocado oil - Palm oil - Bended oil (a mix) Packing available available: - 12 x 24oc box (12 bottles of 710ml each) - 12 x 32oc box (12 bottles of 946ml each) - 8 x 48oc box (12 bottles of 1420ml each) - 9 x 64oc box (9 bottles of 1893ml each) - 6 x 96oc box (6 bottles of 2.84 liters each) - 6 x 1galon box (6 bottles of 4.55 liters each) - 5 galons
Mr. Shahid Nazari
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