Void Filler Air Bag

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Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 500pcs

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Material: LDPE ( Transparent) Function: Fill Void - The inflated air in the bag will automatically propel and activate the air-locking valve to lock the air in the bag. If the bag is placed under product for packing, the air pressure in the bag will increase accordingly, consequently propelling the air locking valve more tightly to retain the air pressure in the bag for a long period of time. Model Length Width AB-DB-1015 10cm 15cm AB-DB-1020 10cm 20cm AB-DB-1520 15cm 20cm AB-DB-1525 15cm 25cm AB-DB-1530 15cm 30cm AB-DB-1535 15cm 35cm AB-DB-2020 20cm 20cm AB-DB-2030 20cm 30cm AB-DB-2530 25cm 30cm AB-DB-3030 30cm 30cm AB-DB-3035 30cm 35cm AB-DB-3040 30cm 40cm AB-DB-3035 30cm 35cm AB-DB-3040 30cm 40cm AB-DB-3050 30cm 50cm AB-DB-4060 40cm 60cm AB-DB-4545 45cm 45cm AB-DB-6080 60cm 80cm

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