Tetenal Ecojet Tablet System

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Brand Name: Tetenal
Model Number: Compact Type 02
Place of Origin: EU
MOQ: 60
Type: Tetenal

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Colour Chemicals,Formula advanced, so that photos high-resolution , high-density, large amount of washing photos, liquid cleaner, non-polluting machines, reliable quality, the products sell well throughout the photographic industry. Our range contains colour chemicals for all analogue and digital minilabs in liquid and solid consistency.For simplified filling of machines, we offer chemicals in compact cartridges in nearly all confections as well odourless. -Tetenal Ecojet Tablet System -Tetenal SP 2000 Chemicals for KIS Minilabs -Tetenal compactline Cartridges CP48 and CP49 -Tetenal compactline Cartridges Type 75 and Type 110 -Tetenal RA-4 liquid chemicals -Tetenal C-41 liquid chemicals -Tetenal Ecojet Tablet -SM Chemistry -Chempion Chemicals -Cpac Chemicals -Kodak Chemicals -Ecojet -Kodak SM Chemistry

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