FLIR T620-25 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera With 25? Lens

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PROMOTION: Buy a FLIR T620 Thermal Imaging Camera and get a FREE Apple i - Pad (Wi-Fi, 16GB) Offer Valid: April 15 - June 30, 2012. - Thermal Fusion - Blending of thermal and digital images Scalable Picture in Picture (PIP) - Displays thermal image super-imposed over a digital image Video Lamp - Allows the visual camera and fusion to be used in poorly lit environments High - NK Instant Report - Create a Thermographic Inspection report directly in the camera Digital - Video - Records video to the memory card Video Streaming - MPEG4 streaming video over - Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Connectivity - Sends images and data to mobile devices (ie i - Phone or i - Applications Utility Market
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