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The company is a corporation with technologies of French SCCM company and technical backbone of experts of electrical furnace institute of China machine industry department, which consists of Xi’an Xinda electrical furnace factory. The company, ShaanXi Province heavy machine factory consist of a design and manufactory coalition of ultra-large scale electric thermos equipment in China. The company mainly designs and manufactures electric thermos equipment, industry furnace and automation control equipment. Nowadays, the company is with furnace industry experts, senior and medium engineering technicians over 30 people, with managerial personnel and manufacturing workers over 300 people’ with fixed capital about RMB ¥160,00,000. Area of the company workshop is about 6000 square meters. Max. hoisting capacity is 50 tons. Machine processing and rivet and weld manufacturing equipments are full (about 60 sets), among which the large and medium processing equipments are: B2020 model 6m planers, C650 model lengthened lathes, 3m and 1.6m vertical lathes, T611 model horizontal boring machine, 80 rocker drill, 200t oil pressure machine, 20X2000 roller machine, 10X2000 plate-shearing machine. Specialized equipments used for electrical furnace producing are: large-scale coil machine, coil paint-digging and drying furnace. Area of test workshop specialized for electric thermos equipment cooling and heat tests is about 200 square meters, in which 100000V high voltage test, voltage-proof, large current test and 380V, 400KW load-bearing test.
The main products of the company are:
1. Smelting equipment:
● 0.5-150 tons AC smelting steel electric arc furnace (EAF) ;
● 2-160 tons VOD / VD / VHD / LF Ladle Refining Furnace;
● 630-50000KVA Submerged-Arc Furnace , producing iron alloy, industry silicon, calcium carbide, yellow phosphor, corundum, zirconia , Titania slag ,zinc, and carborundum,;
● 0.5-20 tons electro-slag furnace; vacuum electro-slag furnace;
●0.5-20 tons industry frequency smelting steel, smelting copper, smelting aluminum smelting zinc and etc. non-core and core inducing furnaces;
● 0.5-30 tons black and nonferrous metal medium frequency smelting furnace; resistance smelting aluminum, smelting zinc and smelting copper furnaces.
● 0.1-10t consumable vacuum electrode electric arc furnace.
2. Industry heating equipment: hi-new technical large diameter cylinder micro-computer monitor medium frequency power supply heating unit; 50-2000KW, 50-8000HZ industry and medium frequency steel spindle, copper spindle and aluminum spindle inducing heat-permeating equipment.
3. Heat processing furnace and heat processing line:
box type, pit, platform trolley type, electro-magnetic shock bottom type, annular rotating bottom type, cover type resistance furnace; pre-suction vacuum atmosphere furnace, shape gas commentate furnace, net type continuous furnace, low temperature dry furnace, multi-function furnace production line, cast chain type controllable atmosphere heat processing production line, Kun bottom type controllable atmosphere heat processing production line, aluminum alloy fine-cast production line, vacuum anneal furnace, vacuum brazing furnace and vacuum agglomeration furnace.
4. Electric thermos equipment matching unit:
tube type water-cooling furnace body,
water-cooling cover and water-cooling tube line; crane, steel-packing and steel-packing trolley,
LS large cross-section water-cooling cable, DB series conducting horizontal arm,
crystal brake tube~AC motor type electrode automatic adjustor and crystal brake tube medium frequency power supply unit,
Electric Furnace dust removal plant,EF automatic control system。
5. Industrial Furnace:
100-600m3 lime kiln;
An annual output of 0.1-1 million tons cement production line
The company is quality guaranteed unit qualified by machine industry department electrician industry association. The company is quality guaranteed unit qualified by ISO9001. Xinda Co. also have some special patent products.

By first-class technology and perfect service, the company provides you high quality products. Our products are exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Russia,Korea and other countries.

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Carlson MNE Sdn Bhd
Business Type
Electric, Machine, Metal, Mineral, Refractory

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