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Brand Name: Witura
Model Number: WT-215R
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Type: Switch
Color: White
Material: Mechanical
Certificate: CE&FFC

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Having the ability to complete a remote server reboot on all of the equipment in your server room, can help your business cut costs and increase efficiency without breaking the bank. As a telecom or server room administrator, rebooting a rack-mounted service (or any other piece of equipment) is an incredibly easy task, but unfortunately it requires someone to be physically there to complete it, which costs time and money. Utilizing a GSM power switch to allow you to power on and off your network remotely through a mobile phone is something that would greatly help improve your efficiency. With this idea in mind, Witura Technology has developed a GSM power switch that is designed for ease of use, practicality and cost effective solutions for businesses around the world. The GSM socket is essentially a large power strip with built-in intelligence. You plug the GSM socket into your site power, and then connect to the device. Next, program your mobile number into the GSM socket where you need to reach the PDU for a remote server reboot by command. By doing this you are now setup to establish a remote server reboot simply by are now setup to establish a remote server reboot simply calling into the GSM power switch from anywhere in the world and reboot your equipment when it freezes or has any other simple issues. The GSM Rebooter is powered by the built in 12v DC power supply inside the cabinet where is gets the power from the AC mains. There is an on-board battery backup that allows the unit to send a text message to your mobile phone should there ever be a power failure, if power is lost it will send the following message
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