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Stretch Ceiling Story
Stretch Ceiling is in European countries more than 20 years of history of a high-grade ceiling material, a revolutionary soft film ceiling gave the designers a broader vision of space.

Today, we are honor to connect with customers through our door to present our exceptional products.

Stretch Ceiling Responsibility
Stretch Ceiling has outstanding advantages in environment protection, all of them are made of environmentally raw materials, does not contain harmful substances such as alcohol and cadmium.

Stretch Ceiling 100% recyclable and will not have any impact on the environment, fully compliance with community environment themes. And we believe in the importance of caring for our planet and encouraging others to do the same.

Stretch Ceiling Mission
Stretch Ceiling we have always believed in serving the best creativity, unlimited potential contributions. Stretch Ceiling fast becoming the new darling of designers and user, is representative of decorative materials, fashion and model.

Stretch Ceiling Products
Stretch Ceiling using PVC material, the fire safety level of B1 China standard. Stretch Ceiling has a random shape, installing fast, colour variety and easy to dip dust, condensation, sound insulation, anti-bacterial, anti-static, fire prevention, waterproof, anti-aging, energy-saving and other features.

Stretch Ceiling 100 colours to choose from Reflectible, Striation, Metal, Satin, Translucid, Uillaus, Akerture, Sandy and Traditional.

Stretch Ceiling Installations
Stretch Ceiling can be mounted directly on the wall, wood, steel, and gypsum walls. Suitable for all kinds of building structures. In this process, there will be no solvent evaporation, not fallout and not affect other decorations in this space, does not affect the production.

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Stretch Xon Reflection
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