Prestige APS901C Remote Car Starter

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The APS901C is our long range remote start only system. It has the ability to start your vehicle from 1,200 ft away. Perfect for the driver who lives in a co-op, apartment building or townhouse community. Nothing starts your day better then getting into a warm car on a cold winter morning or getting into a cool car on a hot summer afternoon! - Tach signal learning circuit - Accessory outputs (pulse before & after start, during crank and after shut down) - Optional door unlock feature for vehicles equipped with power doors - Telematics port -carlink ready - Ignition 2 relay selectable on or off during cranking - Selectable steady or flashing parking lights for run indication - Two (+) and two (-) safety shutdown circuits - Increased range - up to 1,200 feet of operation range - On board parking light relay - Alarm by - pass output - Selectable run times - DBI port - plug in flash logic by - pass capable - On board start relay - On board accessory relay - Hybrid vehicle compatible for remote start - Two one button metal long range transmitters - Ignition 3 / shock by - pass / GM VAT output (relay required) - On board ignition 1 & 2 relay - Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch

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