Al-Mg-Mn Alloy/aluminum Plate Roofing Sheet

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Material Properties: 1.Weight:Aluminum density 2.75g/m3,only the steel of 1/3 strength.2.Itensity:Through melting and heat treatment method can achieve very high strength,even the construction of large aircraft structures. 3.Corrosion Resistance:Outdoor aluminum is durable and reliable construction materials,it has a self-rust function of the surface in the natural environment can form a thin layer of dense oxide layer,to prevent continue in the air oxidation of metal corrosion,but also has a variety of acid corrosion resistance ability. 4.Surface finish and elegant appearance:Can be anodized,electrophoresis,chemical processing,polishing,paint handling. 5.Plasticity is good ,and easy to process. 6.Good conductivity:Non-magnetization and low electric spark sensitivity,can avoid electromagnetic interference and reduce the flammability under special circumstances. 7.Links convenience:Aluminum can be riveting,welding,adhesives and other means to connect.

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