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Intelligent Electric Fence

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We are a Malaysian based company with branch office in Sri Lanka to service respective regions.
We are professional security solutions provider; specialize in implementing Intelligent Electric Fence solutions.

Intelligent electric fence is the latest generation of security solution that is proven to be most effective, reliable, dependable and cost effective solution that protects from the perimeter.

We have proudly adopted the term \"Intelligent Fence\" as the brand name for our electric fence solutions. The advanced intelligent monitoring, detection and alerting features built into our electric fence solutions makes it an intelligent, powerful and effective security protection solution and stands out from the rest.

Five Star Security Protection:

1) Deterrence
The distinctive and noticeable structure of the electric fence discourages most criminals from trying to gain entry into the property and sway them to target lower risk properties.

2) Detect
Sophisticated intelligent detection mechanisms built into the system detects and alerts any intrusion attempts promptly; enabling guards/occupants to attend to the intrusion spot on timely manner to effectively deal with the intrusion.

3) Deny
Electric fence is an active system that resists and fight back any intrusion attempts. If anyone comes in contact with the electric fence, it delivers a painful electric shock at the same time activates alarm siren and sends SMS alert to guards/ occupants to take action.

4) Delay
Electric fence system is engineered to delay any intrusion attempts. Any persistent intruder has deal with the electric shocks and cut through 10 metal wires to pass through the fence. The guards/ occupants would have been alerted at the very first contact by the intruder, giving enough time to the guards/ occupants to attend to the intrusion spot.

5) Dependable
Electric fence is active and protects 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, none stop.

We utilize the most effective and the safest electric fence technologies available in the market today.
We package our robust and effective security solutions utilizing our in-depth understanding of the security domain as well as our expertise in application of technology to solve practical problems.

We practice a very professional approach to implement security solutions. Every aspects of our electric fence installation are quality controlled to make sure our solutions are not only robust and effective but also esthetically blend in and pleasing to the eyes. We give considerable attention to quality from start to finish.

Our solutions are not only very effective but also absolutely safe and compliance with the International Safety Standard IEC 60335-2-76.

Professionally designed and installed electric fences are not lethal to humans. If humans come in contact with the electric fence intentionally or accidentally, the electric pulses running through the fence wire will not cause any danger to the life, but give painful electric shocks while in contact with the fence.

Malaysian government authority \"Suruhanjaya Tenaga\" (The Energy Commission) enforces each and every electric fence installation in Malaysia is audited for compliance with IEC 60335-2-76 and certified by the authority. Uncertified electric fences are considered illegal.

We follow the processes enforced by Suruhanjaya Tenaga every step of the way. For each and every installation, we prepare and submit necessary engineering drawings and documents to the authority for auditing and obtain certification before activating the electric fence.

Please visit our website for full details of our security fence solutions and photos of our projects etc.

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Intelligent Electric Fence
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