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Brand Name: KTH
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Type: Hi Gloss

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KTH HIGH GLOSS PAINT 5953: FEATURES Superior quality, dazzling light gloss topcoat, suitable for indoor and a variety of wood and steel surfaces. IMPARTIAL The first brush on layer Zinc Chromate Grey, Green or Red Oxide Primer, plus a layer of White Undercoat last brush on two KTH High Gloss Paint. WOOD SURFACE The first brush on a layer of White Undercoat, painted on two KTH High Gloss Paint. After brushing a layer to every 6 hours or overnight before brush on another layer. COVERAGE About 14 square meters to 17 square meters per liter DILUTE If necessary, can be added to the day that 5% -10% PACKAGE Carton: 12 cans x 1 liter Carton: 4 cans x 5 liter SURFACE DRY TIME Surface dry - 15 minutes Completely dry - 8 hours Paint analysis : Chemical composition: improved strong polymerization oil alkyd, mineral supplements, pigments and additives. Color: according to color card standard Solvent: mineral turpentine Density: about 0.97-1.16 Solid: 60-65% Viscosity: 65-75 KU Gloss: high gloss Drying: surface dry for 30 minutes, about 28

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