Fibre Reinforced Plastic Bollard

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Place of Origin: Malaysia
Color: Black
Material: Fibre Plastic Rubber
Size: 912mm x 195mm x 186mm

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A bollard is an upright post used to control or direct road traffic, such as posts arranged in a line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles. Fibre Reinforced Plastic Bollard extends its applications beyond just protecting various assets from impact and destruction to uses as road dividers, boundary markers, decorative fencing, barriers for road crossing and even at traffic lights pedestrian cross over area. The great popularity of this bollard lies on its corrosion free characteristic managing to save high costs of maintenance work in the long run. Features: Easy to install, Corrosion and maintenance free, Fire retardant, High impact resistance but lightweight, High durability and long term cost effectiveness savings. Fibre Reinforced Plastic Bollard 912mm (H) with 195mm diameter (top) and 186mm diameter (round base) market and sale by Flexijoint Industrial Marketing & Services, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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