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Why Install A Better Quality Home Insulation ? There are many reasons for installing home insulation and it can be one of the best investments a home owner can make. Some of the main benefits of our home insulation can be seen below: a) Lower Energy Costs - Reduce electricity usage , like air-con. b) Improved Home Comfort - Insulation is particularly effective at improving your homes room temperatures. c) Reduces Carbon Emissions- Recent research shows that thermal insulation could help reduce carbon emissions and save up to 350 million tonnes in waste by 2010. This is because insulation reduces the amount of wasted energy in your home. Thermal insulation simply reduces the transfer of heat through building structures or envelopes. Thermal insulation not only reduces energy use and therefore CO2 emissions , but, in addition, the right insulation products also provide thermal comfort, acoustic insulation and fire protection. d) Prevents Condensation Build-up - Condensation can be a huge problem within some homes and home insulation can be used to resolve the problem. This is because it helps control airflow and stops the build-up of moisture in the air. Why EPE Insulation foam for industrial use turn to home roof insulation ? An innovative idea , effectiveness and characteristic of eco-friendly material composition . A new revolution for BETTER cost , energy saving ( lower air-con consumption ) and \" greener \" house target . Upgrading your insulation can be a great way to reduce energy costs and make your home a more comfortable living environment. You probably don\'t think about insulation very much. It\'s that stuff between your walls and under your roof: out of sight, out of mind. However, if you understand how insulation works and the differences between insulating materials, you can make your house greener while saving a lot of green on your energy bills. Call sales for our lastest heat insulation products :- 016 2555632

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